Facebook Top Games in 2015!

There are many providers of games on social networks. Some of them have survived the turbulent times and pulled through outliving others who could not keep up with the competition, dissatisfied users or the expenses. Here are several Facebook games manufacturers both present and shut down.
Zyn is a provider of social network games which offers as a variety of FB games, and is still up and running. Stationed in San Francisco, California and founded in 2007, it develops games to connect people through gaming. Zyn’s probably best known game FarmVille was launched in 2009. Starting with this game they established the ‘-Ville’ genre as they would develop many more games with this suffix in the title. By 2015 many of its games have been discontinued and almost all of those with this suffix, with the exception of FarmVille. However, many are still active, more precisely 27 of them, such as Mafia Wars, Zyn Poker, Gems With Friends, Fashion Designer, etc.

Facebook Top Games Are Good or Bad?

Facebook Games of 2015
Playfish on the other hand is an extinct Facebook games provider. It was also established in 2007 and it first hit game was Who Has the Biggest Brain? Playfish is currently a property of Electronic Arts as it was shut down in 2013. The three games that survived the longest are Pet Society, The SimCity Social and The Sims Social (read more here: pirater un compte facebook). Other notable games include Restaurant City, Madden NFL Superstars, Gangster City, Hotel City and others. It is interesting to notice that many of their games included the word ‘City’ in their title.
Having purchased Playfish, EA (Electronic Arts) has also become the provider of Facebook games. It has also continued some games originally produced by Playfish such as Madden NFL. Some other games offered by EA are Scrabble, Solitaire Blitz, Zuma Blitz, Bejeweled Blitz. EA games on this social network usually have the word ‘Blitz’ in their title.
CrowdStar also develops Facebook games, such as Happy Aquarium, Happy Pets, Wasteland Empires, It Girl, etc. It started to work in 2009 and hasn’t shut down yet. CorwdStar is based in California and Ireland. Crowdstar’s signature word is ‘Happy’ which is also included in the name of a shutdown game called Happy Island.

Top 10 Best Facebook Browser Games in 2015

A recent development in the gaming world on this social network is Wooga. This company has developed FB games since 2014. Some of its games include Diamond Dash, Bubble Island, Pearl’s Peril, Jelly Splash and Monster World.
King company, used to be known under the name King dot com, is also one of the biggest providers of Facebook games. Its biggest hits are probably Candy Crush Saga and Bubble Witch Saga which is also their first game for mobile phones. Other games include Pet Rescue Saga, Farm Heroes Saga and others. As you can see their signature word in game titles is ‘Saga’.
It is quite notable from this outline that manufacturers tend to find a signature word of suffix to assign to many of their games. Thus users can connect the games to their manufacturers and know what to expect from a game.