Why I’m Asking For Your Vote

Melanie Madeira PortraitMy platform is simple: We are a People with a government, not a government with a People.  What this means is that those we elect must serve, not rule.  

What our Founders intended to be small and efficient has become large and unwieldily - and everyone knows it. 

If legislators would commit to the common-sense road of:

  • reducing the size and power of government,
  • easing the heavy burden of taxes unfairly levied on citizens, and  
  • strengthening our God-given freedoms protected by our State Constitution...

    …then economic freedom and employment would rise, not only for Pennsylvanians, but for all citizens of this Great Nation.

My husband David and I have worked hard over the past 2 decades promoting the American values of hard work, freedom and independence while raising our 6 children right here in Northeastern PA.  Now I’m taking my passion to the next level by aiming to take those values to Harrisburg.  I’m dedicated to serving the people of the 114th District because I know a majority of the voters here share those same values and need a voice to represent them where it matters.

I may be considered a "political outsider” by some, but I know the people of this district and what they stand for.  As your State Representative, I intend to make a difference for all of us.  Pennsylvania is a wonderful place to live and raise a family.  I truly believe that when we restore our liberties and get government out of our way, we will, once again, excel and prosper.

I sincerely thank you for considering voting for me as your State Representative.